Individual, Couples and Group Psychotherapy & Counseling 

Person-centered, inclusive, confidential, and effective.

Our Partners 

Who we are.

Strong Self Mental Health, PLLP was founded by a collective of women who recognized the difficulties facing modern women in the workforce.  The founding partners share a common desire to create an environment of support and growth; an environment for our partners to grow and achieve both professional and personal aspirations; an environment that allows local providers to collectively support one another; an environment that embraces all individuals into our society; an environment that models growth and balance for the individuals that we serve; an environment that allows individuals the flexibility to maintain a level of balance in their lives.  

Our vision.

All of our creating partners have a strong desire to change the way we practice psychotherapy.  A primary goal at Strong Self Mental Health is to support and embrace the providers who operate underneath our entity. By providing the support and encouragement providers need to personally and professionally grow, we are allowing those providers to build competency, become more effective, and continue to love the work they do. 

"As strong as the woman next to me" 

Conveniently located in Downtown Fergus Falls 

on Lincoln Avenue. 

There is no reception on site so please call ahead for an appointment time.

Services are also available via telehealth by agreement and arrangement with your individual provider.


You may enter through either the front or rear entrances of the Strong Self building (highlighted in light yellow). You may park on Lincoln Avenue to enter through the front entrance (red dashed lines). In the rear of the building, you will find free public parking in the parking ramp when you park for under 2 hours time (green outline). There is also free public parking (also green outline) just a short walk across Cascade Street in the Balance Gymnastics (former Shopko) parking lot. The back door is marked "116."

 Strong Self Mental Health shall comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, or gender identity.